Who knew, after we won the Cold War, it would be all about Russia?

Mueller confirmed the “sweeping and systematic” Russian interference in our democracy — a sneak attack, I argued earlier this week, that could ultimately prove to have hurt us worse than Pearl Harbor.

Yesterday, I offered this documentary detailing “Moscow’s decades-long campaign to tear the West apart.”

Moscow is winning.

(“In Vladimir Putin’s greatest triumph, Americans are using Russia’s playbook against one another without the faintest clue.”)

As “60 Minutes” made clear this past Sunday, Putin leads the Russian cyber-mob.

And not just in Nebraska . . . though as you’ll see, some of the story started there.

Do most Americans know we are under attack?  Putin — a black belt in the art of defeating a much larger opponent — hopes we won’t wake up to this.

Who has time to watch a 45-minute documentary or a “60 Minutes” segment?  Game of Thrones is back!

Mitt Romney turned out to be right about Russia.  The sociopath whom the Russians helped install as our president praises Putin publicly and meets with him privately, welcomes his people into the Oval Office and excuses his killing of journalists.

So many 2016 Trump voters are terrific people. I have to hope that some of them watch “60 Minutes” . . . and might watch the above-linked documentary . . . and come to realize — like those fans of the #1-rated restaurant in London that was actually serving store-bought frozen dinners — they’ve been had.*

*In the words of the prior Republican president, “Fool me once . . .



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