These folks believe he’s God’s gift.  It’s worth watching, not least because when the camera pans out, you see it’s not a small audience.

These folks voted for him, but — blessedly — fall into the “fool me once” camp.  I hope their ranks swell.

In light of the “sweeping and systematic” Russian interference in our democracy — a sneak attack that could ultimately prove to have caused more lasting damage than the Japanese attack of December 7, 1941 — do we want a president who disputes and ignores the attack?  Who praises Putin publicly and meets with him privately?  Who welcomes his people into the Oval Office?  Who excuses Putin’s killing of journalists and sees our own Intelligence Community — not Putin — as his enemy?

The gay Ivy League pal I told you about last week — and of course Carl, who sends me an email every day to show me I’m wrong — still say yes.



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