It’s hard, if you actually read the Mueller report — and are not Giuliani or Barr (or Sarah Sanders, who heard from “countless” FBI agents, which is to say “not one,” how happy they were Comey was fired) — not to want Trump out immediately.

For example . . .

Allen W.: “I downloaded the report and, despite my skepticism, found much was not redacted.  I’m an Independent.  I put a few hours into reading it but will never read it all because it sickens me.  My Republican friends must at least read as much as I have; but more important, they must be shocked and do something about him!”

Yes!  Impeach the sociopath!  (That’s not an epithet; it’s a diagnosis.)

Still, I would have to think long and hard before dismissing this argument, by former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart . . . There’s A Bigger Prize Than Impeachment . . . which I commend for your consideration. (Thanks, Pete.)

I cede the balance of my time to the documentary and “60 Minutes” segment I offered yesterday, knowing that you had a busy week and may not have gotten around to them.  Please try.  We’re under attack.

Have a great weekend!



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