Managing Your Money
Managing Your Money

In Case of a MYM Data Emergency

If one of your MYM-DOS data files has become corrupted and your backups aren’t helping, MYM-expert Mike Starkey just may be able to help.

Check out his MYM FAQ, directly below, from which, if need be, you can send him an e-mail describing your problem. He will very likely ask you to e-mail him the broken database and charge you something for his time to fix it. But please note: any repair work he does for you is strictly between you and him. Neither I nor MECA can take any responsibility whatsoever for whatever you and Mike work out. All I can tell you is that I would happily entrust him with my data. But that’s no guarantee of anything with yours.

(One do-it-yourself fix that often does the trick if the program won’t load . . . Go into DOS and copy a recent backup version of little.dbs over the one in your active data file.  You won’t lose any data, and — keep your fingers crossed — you may find yourself back in business.)

Mike Starkey’s MYM FAQ

Converting to Quicken

I have not tried this, but to convert from MYM DOS or Windows, check out:

My own plan is to stick with MYM V12 — which runs fine under Windows ’98 — until the cows come home (no veiled allusion to Gateway) and there is not computer left in the world that can run a DOS program.



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