Pam W. from Texas: “Thanks for the Stacey Abrams link.  Her book — Minority Leader: How To Build Your Future and Make Real Change — is a great read, especially for teens. Consider gifting to a school library.” 

–> Great idea.

Mark Jansen:My favorite iPhone tip, which gives me joy: When you’re editing text and need to move the cursor around, normally you stab where you want the cursor to go, thus covering up the very target of your stabbing, only to find the cursor has actually landed a few characters off from where you wanted. Instead…hold down the Space Bar for a moment. The ‘keys’ go blank and the keyboard becomes a ‘trackpad’ as you slide your thumb from the Space Bar up and around, moving the cursor precisely where you want.  It’s apparently been in iOS for years, but like your reboot tip is not well-documented.”

–> Who knew!

And here’s something else I finally discovered: the faster you talk, the less bad Siri’s transcription will be.  She’s a computer.  She doesn’t like it when you talk to her as if she were three.

Dennis H.: “How about a stock update?  BKUTK is up 36%.  GLDD and FANH are kicking butt!  We sold a few things in the fall so I have some cash.  What are you thinking these days.”

–> BKUTK remains undervalued but a very sleepy long-term play, with management more eager to be a community pillar than a shareholder delight.  (Along with its other merits, this approach doubtless inspires valuable customer loyalty.)  I’ve held all mine — not least because our shares sell for about 20% less than the voting stock (BKUT) yet give us the same dividend and, should the bank eventually be acquired, the same ultimate value. Last I looked, BKUT was $580; our BKUTK, $495.  So we get ours on sale.  I wouldn’t rush to buy more here; but would have tried to buy more when I saw it dip down to $420 recently, were it not that I have a lot already.

GLDD seems finally to have come into its own. Perhaps a good time to sell half?  And lament doing so if it ever hits $15?

I’ve likewise sold half my FANH. There’s a case to be made for a much higher price at some point — but also what appears to be a persistent short-seller claiming it’s all a fraud.

This may not be a bad time to be holding some cash for when the inevitable bear market hits — whether a few days or a few years from now.

Meanwhile, YTRA, suggested here January 1 at $4, got a buy-out offer Monday at $7.  It’s not final, and the market seems not to believe it will happen; but if it goes through, we will have made 70% or so in a few months . . . and might want to hold Ebix stock instead of cash if that winds up being the offer.  (I’ll write more about that if the deal materializes.)

Clemente Franco: “With all due respect, I think you fail to see the light.  There is a whole segment of the population that is pissed off at both the Democrats and Republicans, for good reason, and for whom Trump was a middle finger to both parties.  Albeit, many of these folks are racist, as is Trump, but the Democratic party lost them.  While Schumer was hanging out with hedge fund managers giving them a tax break (and what a break it was), he was losing a lot of people.  While  Clinton was out-Republican-ing Republicans on Welfare reform, he lost a lot of people.  When Gore chose Lieberman (really?), he lost a lot of people.  When Hillary called black kids super predators, she lost a lot of people. . . . Instead of thinking that people are stupid for not voting for the Democratic party or for not coming out to vote, own up to it and admit the Democratic party has failed to convince them to come back.  You are using the Naders, Perots and Schultzes of this world as an excuse for that failure.  You are out of touch. And for you to claim that Mr. Schultz’s desire to run is a disastrous idea is the height of arrogance.  To think that somehow you know more than he because you have been the party’s bookkeeper and raised money for them?  Please share more finance posts.  I usually agree with you there.  Thank you.”

–> There’s a lot here I disagree with, but I appreciate the feedback.



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