Happy New Year!

I met some amazing people this last weekend — two of whom had spent a load of time on the International Space Station. Marvel at Scott Kelly’s wonderful Endurance and at — among much else — what Russians and Americans can achieve we cooperate.  A great read (or listen at 1.25X).

Others I met think Bitcoin will be rebound.

Another totally loves Hamilton, as everyone does, but documented numerous ways the show distorts, invents, and erases history for dramatic effect.

Another testified behind closed doors to the Senate Intelligence Committee and told me — based on years’ involvement in all this — that the Intelligence Community has the goods on both Trump and Pence, and will somehow make a deal where Trump resigns . . . Pence is briefly president naming some moderate as his VP (Romney?) . . . then Pence goes and (Romney?) names a Democrat as his VP (Biden?) . . . and the world sees stable, experienced, honorable grown-ups back in charge.

Utterly fantastical (or is it? listen to Bag Man: both Agnew and Nixon made deals to resign) — but she is closer to this than most of us are (she told the authorities that Manafort was dirty long before it came out in the news, for example), so who knows?

All I know is that the days are getting longer and that seniors should be skeptical of annuities sold with steak dinners.

And that people who care about humanity’s future should skip steak with or without the annuities.

And that shares in YTRA, the Indian travel-agency I bought at $10 when it went public a couple of years ago, may be a lot better value here at $4, where I bought considerably more Monday (with money I can truly afford to lose).

Here’s wishing you the healthiest and happiest of New Years.



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