. . . or, instead, read The Uninhabitable Earth, as reviewed here (“apocalypse now”), and save humanity.

Do you switch off lights as you leave the room?  Have you cut down on meat? Do you keep the thermostat at higher in the summer and than the winter?

Or do you not worry about any of that because (a) you’re a selfish pig or (b) you’ve allowed people to persuade you it’s all a liberal hoax.

If the former, all I can say is: I agree.

If the latter, you owe it to yourself — and your kids and their kids — to read this book.

Of course, in your case and mine, to the extent we don’t do all we should, it’s likely neither (a) nor (b). It’s that — (c) — while we know humanity faces an existential crisis, it’s hard to get focused the way we do when a hurricane or wildfires approach.  We just can’t imagine that enough other people will make these sacrifices, so why should we be the patsies?  Hamburgers taste good!

All The Uninhabitable Earth asks is that we consider what lies ahead . . . and then, perhaps, reassess our response.

Spread the word.  Save mankind.

Seriously.  This is not a drill.



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