I have a confession.  When I linked you to “the article everybody’s talking about” earlier this month, I had read only excerpts.

It’s long, everybody was talking about it, I’m a slow reader, I had rich people’s arms to twist for the DNC, I had the next day’s post about keeping your bananas fresh to write, and — of course — the dog ate my homework.  (Bad dog.)

Having now just finished reading every word, though — and recognizing that you, too, may not have found time for it — I offer the article again.  It explains Lindsey Graham.  t explains Mike Pence.  It explains Mike Pompeo.  It explains this moment in history . . . how things have gone so wrong and how much wronger they could go.

Find 15 minutes, if you can: History Will Judge The Complicit by Anne Applebaum in The Atlantic.

And then, to help keep things from going more wrong, sign up for Tuesday’s virtual rally with Joe Biden and Barack Obama — $15.



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