But first!

It’s Like Watergate, But With Morons — in sizes from Small to 6XL and in multiple colors.

Though if you have money to throw around on T-shirts, consider joining tonight’s rally instead to fund the massive win we need 133 days from now to save the world.  Biden and Obama.  All hands on deck.

And speaking of Obama:

And now!

I never met Jesse’s mom, Pearl, who died at 103 last Thursday, but so enjoyed reading his farewell, I thought you might, too.

And while I’m offering random stories, here’s a seven-minute clip about Harry Truman and his “bald-headed sonofabitch” friend Eddie, Elinor’s dad.  (Thanks, Mel!)  “It is important to speak truth to power.” she concludes.  “And to maintain your friendships.”

See you tonight at the rally.



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