The $500 Billion Black Box.  So did the Boies, Schiller law firm get $20 million in forgivable loans from the PPP program?  We may never know.  Read it, be outraged — and join us Tuesday.

Joe Biden in a minute,  pass it on.

Donald Trump, in a minute, as seen by Republican donors.  Oh!  And this minute, too.  Pass them on.

And then join Joe and President Obama for Tuesday’s virtual rally — $15.

Some of that $15 will go to help fight voter suppression, state by state, county by county.  How long would YOU wait in line to vote, asks Marc Elias, noting (among much else):

In 2004, college students in Knox County, Ohio waited in line for ten hours to vote. Students at Ohio State University faced only slightly shorter lines. That year, Ohio was the deciding state in the presidential election.

After the 2004 election, the Washington Post found that places in the state with the fewest voting machines per registered voter supported John Kerry, whereas those places with the highest number of machines per voter supported George Bush.

Have a great weekend.

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