Is this great or what?  Four minutes of an experiment you can try yourself.


Stephan the Russian bear.  Two minutes.


A different view of sharks.  Three minutes.  (Thanks, David!)


Curtis Mayfield.  I didn’t know any of this (well, I knew the music) . . . but the paragraph at the end about Mayfield’s final album just blew me away.


(does it feel as though I’m stalling on something really bad?)

Sure, he eats real razor blades — but how does he keep them from puncturing the balloon? (Thanks again, David.)

And now, unable to stall any longer . . .

The new Postmaster General, appointed to throw the election results into doubt, is classifying ballots as “junk mail.”  And it gets worse each day.  Yesterday we learned the Postal Service is removing sorting machines, crippling it’s capacity, without explanation.  But, of course, there is an explanation.

As unthinkable as it is: after 244 years, our experiment in democracy may be ending.  (See, e.g.: When investigators threatened his power, he declared himself dictator.)

Help save the day?

Become a poll worker?

Have a great weekend.



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