Friday: bears and sharks.  Today: the pufferfish.  You will not believe this.  Three wondrous minutes. (Thanks, Alan!)

Listen to his own people.  The BEST people, as he calls them.  One minute.

Purchase yard signs, caps, masks, and more at Team Joe Store.  (Don’t have a yard?  Display it in your apartment window.)

Buying this necklace won’t help win the Senate; but it looks great on Jennifer Granholm and could look great on you.  If you have a neck, check it out.  Then consider sending a bit more to my pal Al Gross, the DSCC-endorsed independent who would caucus with the Democrats — my favorite of several seats no one’s counting on but that we just might flip.

Don’t miss the Convention tonight!  (The week’s day-time and prime time schedule: here.)

The first step in restoring hope.

COVID UPDATE . . . the possible effects after you recover.  It’s hard to disagree with the final paragraph.

PRKR update.  As a substantial shareholder, I was heartened by this $506 million judgement a different company just won against Apple.  Different companies, different cases, different sets of facts. (And for PRKR, Apple is a relatively minor defendant.  Its biggest beef is with Qualcomm.)  But both companies are represented by the same law firm.  And it’s nice to think patents in the “wireless space” can be upheld.  Time will tell.



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