I ran this as a “bonus” at the end of Monday’s post, but it warrants its own day: Herd immunity is still key in the fight against Covid-19.  Perhaps the clearest thinking yet.

And here’s an all too fitting addendum that must-read Rolling Stone piece linked to yesterday: a new book called Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America — “A Recent History.”  By Kurt Andersen

Bill Maher deliver’s Trump’s eulogy.

But will he go?

When investigators threatened his power, he declared himself dictator.

. . . He threatened the press, joked about ruling for life and bullied everyone, including the allies who helped him get into office, while enjoying a cult following among his base. When a special judicial investigation threatened to reveal his financial corruption and complicity in criminal acts, he did not hesitate to destroy the democracy he led to remain in power. . . .

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