David French lives in Very Red America.

He knows that most Trump voters are good people.

The hearings could change their minds, he writes — if Fox News actually aired them.

But not only did Fox not; they ran their regular programming without commercials, lest anyone stray during a break and hear what bleeding hearts  Liz Cheney, Bill Barr, and Ivanka Trump had to say.

. . . The Trump coalition is broadly built on two categories of Republican voters—those who know exactly who Trump is and . . . those who even now don’t know who he is and would very much care if they know the whole truth. It’s the latter group that most needs to watch the January 6 hearings.

For our nation’s sake, we can only hope that some do . . .

A second piece to read as we await Round Two: Trump’s Sedition: George Washington Warned Us In 1796, by Thom Hartmann in Raw Story.

. . . Trying to hang the Vice President of the United States and kidnap or murder the Speaker of the House to stop the peaceful transfer of power is clearly sedition.

And participating in organizing the entire thing, as Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, and other senior members of his staff appear to have done, deserves the 20 years in prison that a sedition conviction brings.

. . . Five people died that day, and soon thereafter three police officers died as a result of its violence. Sedition, attempted murder, destruction of property, assault on police officers: all these crimes were committed in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

It’s truly breathtaking.

And when we turned to Fox “News” during the breaks, we saw Sean Hannity, a close ally of Trump’s, whining that Nancy Pelosi had not called out the Capitol Police when the National Guard, who were under the direct control of Donald Trump, were positioned just a few miles away but had been forbidden to assist or even move on that day under order of Donald Trump‘s Acting Secretary of Defense. . . .

. . . George Washington, in his farewell address of 1796 (ghost written by Alexander Hamilton), warned us of this moment. . . .

Finally, this, from Brookings.

Stephen Pizzo:  “I just read the whole damn thing, and it’s the most devastating indictment of criminality I have ever read…and I’ve read a lot of indictments. Reading it is like listening to the closing argument to a jury by a federal prosecutor, strong and so full of illegality and violations of laws that it’s simply stunning one man could be so criminal. If you haven’t read it, you should before the live hearings. It gives you a road map to the committee’s findings and will produce enormous pressure on the DOJ to prosecute Trump and those closest to him during this sorry episode in American history.  From the conclusion: ‘There has never been a case where securing accountability for wrongdoing was more critical to the future of the nation.'”

Have a great weekend.

Hearings resume at ten Eastern Monday morning.



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