Corporations may not be people, but Russia has clearly proven to be a terrible threat —

> to the U.S., sowing division and subverting the 2016 election

> to the world order, invading its neighbor and threatening the Third World with mass starvation.

These four minutes from Fareed Zakariah are well worth the watch.

(And, wait — Henry Kissinger, at 99, is still in the mix???)

And now back to the hearings.

Democracy hangs in the balance.

Trump trusts and admires Putin, “loves” the people who stormed the Capitol, lives in the world of FOX and — despite his debilitating bone spur — is a tough guy who’d  “like to punch him in the face.”

I trust and admire Biden, love the Capitol police who fought to protect Congress and the rule of law,  and long for the days when Republicans were people of honor and decency.

Millions still are, of course.  But not enough of them — especially in Congress — have Liz Cheney’s courage to speak out.



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