What if during all that time those 10-year-olds were calling 911 desperate for help, Uvalde’s mayor had been watching from his office on TV — doing nothing?

Indeed, enjoying it.

Surely Americans of every political stripe would have been horrified — no?

You obviously see where I’m going with this.

Isn’t that what Trump was doing in his office on January 6 as he received endless  cries for help?

As Capitol police were being bludgeoned?

As calls were ringing out to hang the Vice President?

As the nation’s Capitol was being breached and defiled?

As a coup was under way?

(When you use violence to prevent a duly elected head of state from taking office, that’s a coup.)

There are differences, of course.

No children were hurt or killed at the Capitol on January 6, only adults.

And it wasn’t 75 long, agonizing, scream-filled minutes, it was much longer.

(And Uvalde’s mayor hadn’t himself incited the attack.)

House Republicans are so NOT troubled by Trump’s behavior, they voted overwhelmingly against investigating.

Indeed, have punished Liz Cheney.

But doesn’t it trouble most non-elected Republicans?

Just as Uvalde troubles all of us?

Am I missing something here?



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