In case you haven’t yet enjoyed these three minutes with Jimmy Kimmel and George Clooney, you’re welcome.

Heading for vacation this summer?

George Mokray: “Have a great time; and if you need a carbon offset, I have used the Heifer International’s bundle of trees ($60 for region appropriate seedlings and saplings that are ready to plant) on the rare occasions I fly anywhere.”

Last month, I offered help writing your commencement speech.  You responded.

Alan Silverstein: “Though not technically a commencement speech, Mary Schmich’s, Chicago Tribune column of June 1, 1997 — her commencement speech if you will — ‘Wear Sunscreen,’ should be included in a list of all time bests.”

David Andrews: “Here’s a collection of Kurt Vonnegut’s commencement speeches. Lots of fun, as usual.”

Of course, the best commencement speech ever (or surely tied for that honor):  Admiral McRaven’s “Make Your Bed.” You’ve seen it, no?

Here’s the Admiral profiled on CBS Sunday Morning. (In case the next president is looking for, say, a Secretary of Defense.  Or in case she’s looking for a strong running mate.)



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