Michael Lewis’s new 7-part podcast, Against The Rules is a “must listen.”  (How does he keep doing such amazing, important stuff? Have you read The Fifth Risk?)

Start with the 7-minute intro to the series, but under no circumstances miss episode #2, “The Seven Minute Rule,” about his identity theft and your student loan debt, or any other fine-print financial transaction you may be party to.

“And so the head of Navient makes $6 million a year while Katie Highland’s teeth fall out one by one.”

It’s the story of the frustration that Trump (and Sanders) voters rightly felt in 2016 — the system is rigged against them.  Only, tragically, as it turns out, the 2016 election has made things worse. It’s hard for me to believe many Trump voters will find themselves empathizing with Navient and not Katie Highland.  Listen!

Bonus: At last! An honest Republican congressman!  Because, well, duh?



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