One of you, my esteemed readers, owns both mannkind (the speculative biotech stock) and humanity (the website).

I don’t know whether he’s underestimating the risks in MNKD shares (on a lark, I bought a few when they dipped to $1.01 a while back; Guru counseled against it).

I do know he’s not overestimating the risks to humanity.

Click here to read his advice to this year’s commencement speakers.

Then scroll down for his links to the 10 best commencement speeches of all time . . . and his index of the best commencement speeches from 1936-2013.

Also a few outstanding class day speeches. And suggestions on how to write a commencement speech of your own.

Sally from Iowa: “Thank you so much for writing about the Patrick Melrose novels on Audible.  I will sign up so I can hear them. I had read a few before seeing the Showtime series, which I was eager to watch because of its star. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. (The very best? The Wire.)  I was amazed at how so much internal dialog from the book was expressed in so few words by the characters in the TV show. In other words, such a great adaptation. I so recommend it.  (Sorry you couldn’t find the John Lithgow Bonfire and hope that changes so I can hear it.  Funny story: I once bought Moby Dick from Audible, and when I began listening, it was in an English accent. That book, to me, is the Great American Novel, and there is no way I could bear listening to it in an English accent!)”



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