He goes from state to state saying, “A vote for Sally is a vote for me.”  “A vote for Ted is a vote for me.”

And he’s right: a Republican vote this year is a vote for him.

So here’s what you’re voting for if you vote Republican:

  1. Vulgarity.
  2. Misogyny.
  3. Dishonesty.
  4. Bigotry.
  5. Ignorance.
  6. Corruption.
  7. Division.
  8. Climate Denial.
  9. Tax Fraud.
  10. Fascism.

A pathological liar (to quote Ted Cruz).  A dangerous con man (to quote Marco Rubio).  A national disgrace (to quote Colin Powell).  A bully (“the world’s number one bully,” to quote Republican ex-governor Christine Todd Whitman).  A Putin admirer.  A sociopath who kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside.

Our very own Mussolini.

Who, as it turns out, did not make the trains run on time.

That’s who you’re voting for if you vote Republican this year.



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