Things to know:

  1. You don’t bring a bone saw to a fist fight.  Our president is the only person in the world, other than some Saudis, who pretends to believe otherwise. It’s ludicrous.

And evil.  Murder is proscribed in the Bible. Freedom of the press is enshrined in the Constitution. Murdering journalists — whom the founders saw as agents, not enemies, of the people — is a mortal sin that erodes democracy.  Trump pals Putin and Duterte and Erdogan and Mohammed Bin Salman murder journalists.

  1. Denying native Americans their right to vote is so Republican.  As you’ve probably heard, Republicans have devised a way to block long-time voters from voting this time, by adding a new requirement: their ID must include a street address.  But Indian reservations don’t have streets.  Republicans couldn’t come up with a proposal for the “replace” part of repealing Obamacare, but boy can they make things happen when it comes to suppressing the vote.  I mean, in fairness, what right do Native Americans have to vote?  Why are they here, anyway?  They don’t look like us.  As the old saying goes, “go back to . . .”  Oh, wait.

  2. It’s the economy, stupid: 

President Obama took the Bush Collapse and got the unemployment rate down by five percentage points — despite unprecedented obstruction from the Republican Congress — even as he got the National Debt back to shrinking relative to the economy as a whole (as Clinton had also done).

Trump has managed to keep the Obama Recovery going, trimming the unemployment rate by yet another percentage point — even as he has exploded the deficit, growing the National Debt faster than the economy ((as Bush and Reagan did).

See the difference?

You don’t think this is going to come back and bite us?

You don’t think the Republican tax cut for corporations and their wealthiest shareholders won’t cut into the programs so many normal Americans rely on?

Mitch McConnell says it out loud! Republicans are gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare!




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