Watch this five-minute video on our slide into fascism.  You don’t think it could happen here?  Or in Hungary?  Or in Turkey?  Or in Italy?  Or in Germany?  Each time, built around a strongman with a fanatical following?

Meanwhile: Donald Trump To Speak At Hate Group’s Annual Event, A First For A President.

Oh!  And how about The Proud Boys?  Whose leader — banned from Twitter — was last week “invited to speak at a popular Republican institution not despite his extremism but because of it. His invitation to the Metropolitan Republican Club [in New York], scholars of fascism said, shows Republicans’ increasing ease with what is essentially the militant, fascist wing of their party — an especially unnerving development, given Proud Boys’ penchant for violence. . . .”  (Violence did in fact ensue.)

. . . The next day Proud Boys in Portland, Oregon, joined with another violent far-right gang, Patriot Prayer, to assault leftist protesters there. On Oct. 6, Proud Boys in Providence, Rhode Island, attacked counterprotesters at a Resist Marxism demonstration . . .


And really: watch that video.


[For these with PRKR, the company lost a lawsuit in Germany and the stock tanked.  But a bigger German lawsuit remains, and an even bigger one here in America.  No question: the stock could be zero.  But I’m not taking any tax losses yet.  One of those lawsuits could still work out.]



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