Here’s a crazy notion.

America: a land where ALL are equally welcome to serve their country if qualified.

Heel-spur Trump says no to that.

The indispensable New York Times says yes.

Another crazy notion: giving pilots taxiing at the gate 360-vision so they’re less likely to bump into things.  Per this press release, Dresden Aerospace and GKN Fokker Services have partnered with WheelTug to do just that.

So while some holders of WheelTug’s parent seem to have given up . . . understandably, given the interminable slog . . . selling their shares most recently at $4.81 (I’ve long argued $100 might better value its risk/reward) . . . I’m encouraged to see players, arguably closer to the industry and with more skin in the game, signing on to its vision.

Not crazy at all: come May 16 to hear Seth Sikes at 54 Below, if you’re in New York.  His 13th appearance, if I’m counting right — and an all new show.  “The Songs That Got Away.”



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