Want to empower teenagers to register other teenagers to vote?  Here’s the toolkit!  Spread it far and wide.

In New York May 16?  Come hear Seth Sikes at 54 Below.  His 13th appearance, if I’m counting right — and an all new show.  “The Songs That Got Away.”

It’s certainly safe to come: crime hasn’t been this low in New York since 1951.  The change from the Seventies and Eighties is dramatic.  In fact, most stuff worldwide has gotten better, by and large, even though gradual good news affecting billions rarely rates a headline — where an explosion killing six always does.

You likely know all this — “keep an eye on the trend lines, not just the headlines” goes the advice — but in case you’re not already persuaded . . . or just want to feel good about something this weekend . . . enjoy Steven Pinker’s TED Talk.



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