If you’ve ever read Catcher in the Rye or been intrigued by J.D. Salinger, check out Rebel In The Rye, now playing at an art house near you.

If you happen to be in Panama today, check out Jan Vanna’s 11am WheelTug presentation (after the coffee break) at IATA’s Maintenance Cost Conference.  The beat goes on.*

Here is a major piece exposing the disaster that are Michigan charter schools — of note because Trump chose their billionaire champion, Betsy DeVos, to be our Secretary of Education. Also because it drives home the point that charter schools can be ineffective or even awful.  Just like pills. (Cyanide, anyone?)  Knowing that something is a pill — or a charter school — tells you very little.  But when you find a pill — or a replicable charter school model, like Success Academy — that works spectacularly well, for heaven’s sake grab it.

OK. Can We Talk About Tom Brady’s Brain? That was Frank Bruni’s column in the New York Times.  Yet as terrific a columnist as Bruni is, he missed Brady’s secret brain sauce — my much-touted (because I own a piece) BrainHQ.

Here’s how the Boston Herald covered it:

You can now train your brain like Tom Brady. No, this isn’t the plot of a satirical sci-fi flick: TB12 has apparently teamed up with Posit Science to make the G.O.A.T.’s personal regimen of BrainHQ exercises and assessments available to the public.

Brady’s reportedly been doing BrainHQ exercises online over the past four years — during which time he’s lead the Pats to two Super Bowl championships. And he claims that the cognitive training has made a difference in how he thinks on the field.

“I’m not a brain scientist,” Brady said in a statement, “but I can tell you about my experience after using the exercises — I could feel myself seeing more, seeing things more quickly and accurately, and making better decisions, faster.”

. . . [H]ere’s what the real brain scientists are saying: More than 100 published, peer-reviewed studies point out the benefits of TB12 BrainHQ — from improved speed and executive function to better balance and gait. The research has actually revealed that the mental workouts can prompt chemical and structural changes within the brain.

Check out the special version of BrainHQ featuring Tom’s regimen at TB12.BrainHQ.com.

BrainHQ is also featured in Tom’s The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, out next week.

There is a connection here:

The proven, replicable Success Academy charter-school model — at no additional cost to taxpayers — has the potential to dramatically improve outcomes for millions of our most vulnerable kids, breaking the cycle of poverty, teenage pregnancy, and all the drag that puts on their lives and our nation as a whole.

The proven BrainHQ exercises could dramatically reduce the incidence of dementia, with all the drag that puts on families and our nation as a whole.  Indeed, as argued here, Medicare should in effect pay folks to do BrainHQ. (Want to live healthy to 100?  Parade has some tips that include BrainHQ.)

This is big stuff, no?

*You laugh: but television was invented in 1926 and by 1946 — 20 years later! — no one had made a dime from it.  Yet it did catch on.



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