He’s just misinformed.

Click here to get a sense why Medicare For All is not a crazy idea.  If it can work throughout Europe, Canada, and the rest of the industrialized world, can’t we — who already pay far more for health care than any of them do — make it work here, too?

I.e., if their outcomes — spending just 9% to 12% of GDP on health care — can be as good as ours (and in many respects, they’re better), why can’t we do as well when we spend more than 17%?

And by the way? I’m no commie pinko: just as charging $1,899* for a wide seat in the front of the plane helps make cramped plan-ahead $139 seats available for everybody else, I have no problem with the wealthy paying a giant surcharge for single rooms or private nurses or even — when it’s not life-threatening — cutting to the head of the line.  For better or worse (depending on your perspective), this is America.

*$2,549 if you’re going last minute.  (And by the way?  Once WheelTug is widely deployed, the $139 folks in 36B will not only land at the same time as the folks in 1B, they’ll deplane just as fast, too, from the rear door.)



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