People Who Voted For Trump In 2016 Are Revealing Their “Breaking Point” Moment When They Stopped Supporting Him

And Walter Shapiro here argues that the Trump campaign is a Potemkin village, designed to make him think he’s going to win.  Which is encouraging to read . . . though needless to say, with the whole world at stake, no one should exhale until a Democratic Senate has been sworn in and the Bidens take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania 17 days later.

So here’s a way you can chip in anywhere from $15 on up to attend the Big Biden Bash (BYOB) next Tuesday, June 23, at 5:15PM EDT.  Obama and Biden, teamed up again to save the world.

A friend was not aware of the book of speeches Trump kept by his bedside for many years (according to his ex-wife, whose divorce attorney kept it in his safe) — a fact Trump only sort of weakly denied, when, confronted by Vanity Fair, he said no, it was not a book of speeches, it was Mein Kampf.  (But it was a book of speeches.)

So — not least because she was giving $50,000 to help wrest power from Trump and McConnell — I forwarded her the column I had written laying all this out in January 2016, when no one, including Trump, expected him to win.

And re-read it.

And am now a little embarrassed to have taken such a bright view.

(“Dreadful, perhaps; unfit to be president, for sure; but not evil.”)

Even now, “evil” may be too strong.  Evil implies a psychopath’s intent to harm.  The harm Trump has done is merely the product of a reckless old staggeringly narcissistic incompetent ignorant sociopath.  Who could walk down Fifth Avenue shooting people, and Lindsey Graham would find a way to excuse.

Re-reading the post, I realized I had forgotten about the World War I injury — to a single, lowly soldier — that ultimately led to tens of millions of deaths.



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