Today, five ifs:

If you own BOREF . . . another article suggests WheelTug may be the future.

If you read about French Royal in Forbes, as brazenly suggested here . . . well, so did Drew Barrymore.

It’s only a nine-second plug — “buzz buzz” — but it’s on an endless loop so, being an investor, I just let it play over and over.

She was great in E.T., too.  Remember?

Bee extravagant: buy all the women in your life French Royal.

Forget queen for a day (remember?) — we’re talking months.

If you’d like to help register voters in Georgia, contribute to Voto Latino, which still has a funding gap.

If you’d like to read the short letters that outgoing presidents have left their successors of the opposite party — Bush 41 to Clinton, Clinton to Bush 43, Bush 43 to Obama, Obama to Trump — you’ll find them here.  They remind us what the country should be.  Will Trump write a letter to Biden?  Will it inspire future generations?

Finally, if you’d like to read about the difference between being kind-and-inviting when talking to people who believe the world is flat . . . versus compromising with them (because, in fact, the world is neither flat nor oval) . . . read Rebecca Solnit.  Powerful and provocative.  (Thanks, Victor.)

Have a great weekend!



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