But first . . .

. . . ParkerVision’s third quarter loss was not surprising — they have no revenue. But it was interesting to note (disclosed for the first time, I believe) the amount of the damages PRKR will be asking a jury to award in its suit against QualComm, scheduled to begin May 3rd: $1.3 billion.

And that’s not counting years and years of interest, nor the possibility of “enhanced damages” the judge may assess for “willful infringement,” up to triple the award.

Will the jury be persuaded that an internal QualComm email stating, “this is critical technology that we must land” meant that QualComm believed PRKR had critical technology QualComm had to land?

And since QualComm never paid PRKR for that technology but seems to have used it anyway — or so the company alleges — is it possible the jury will find in PRKR’s favor?

Owning a ridiculous number of shares myself, I hope so.

Because even if they netted “only” $500 million from this suit (let alone a billion or two with “enhanced damages”), that would still be north of $5 a share.

Plus whatever their claims against Intel and others might be worth.   Another buck a share?

And the value of the company itself, which, tiny though it is, hopes to keep innovating.  What might that be worth?

I don’t know, but it will take a lot more than the 37 cents a share at which PRKR closed last night to get me to sell any of mine.

And now . . .

. . . if you hope to live forever without looking as though you have, here’s Forbes:

France’s Biggest Beauty Secret Makes A Splashy Launch In The U.S.

It’s a wonderful mother-daughter story that weaves in Cleopatra, Napoleon, and the queen bees of the Pyrénées.

Made the more wonderful because it solves all your high-end holiday gift-giving problems while funding my retirement.

(Yes, it’s the age-old story.  “I met a man,” it begins.  At a conference.  Who had a wife. Who became his ex-wife.  Who met a French woman.  Who knew a beekeeper.  And so on.)

Spending $209 on a jar of queen bee elixir is reckless and extravagant.

But what?  Are you really going to give her socks this year?

Indeed, Guerlain offers these 1.7 ounces for $1,340.  So when you think of it that way . . .

Read Forbes, check out the French Royal website  — mon dieu! — they even throw in a candle.



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