I keep coming back to BrainHq because it dramatically reduces the risk of dementia.  TIME highlighted it.  Tom Brady swears by it.  “The Today Show” featured it.  Old folks have fewer car crashes when they use it.  It’s free to try.  (Tell your parents?  Your increasingly loopy boss?)

All of which I’ve written before.

The new news: BrainHQ Brain Exercises Spread Across 2019 Medicare Advantage Plans — making it available to more than a million seniors in 24 states.

The other news?  At least for me?  I was rarely finding the occasional “hour” to exercise.  But my friends at the company tell me 10 minute chunks may be even more effective.  Who can’t find 10 minutes once or twice a week?  You don’t even need to shower.

And speaking of dementia, everybody knows you’re supposed to trim budget deficits when the economy is doing well so you have room to have room to expand them when times are tough.  You’d be crazy to run big deficits otherwise, unless it were, say, to win World War II (what other choice did we have?) or to massively revitalize our infrastructure.  (An investment that would pay dividends for decades and thus not “spending” at all.)  Yet the Republicans, in complete control of the government, have opted for massive deficits — $779 billion in the fiscal year just ended, expected to hit $1 trillion this year — and why?  To cut taxes for the Sheldon Adelsons and Donald Trumps and Exxons of the world.

It’s demented.




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