But first . . .

GEORGIA.  Must-watch Keith Olbermann.  Two minutes.

PRKR.  Our July 6 Orlando court date against Qualcomm was pushed back until “at least” November or December.  The judge — one of just four in his district division — seems justifiably overwhelmed by everything, criminal and civil, on his plate.  Disappointing — but not, I think, the end of the world or of our gamble.

BOREF.  Jim B.:  “Wondering what you think about this: Borealis appoints Thomas Gengl as CEO.”

→ Different Borealis (“an international provider of polyolefins”).

“Also, I’m dumbfounded at the disparate data Ameritrade gives me about BOREF.  In my “positions” page it shows a sharp jump of 74 cents, giving me a 14% gain today. When I hover my cursor over BOREF, it confirms this, showing a volume of 34 shares. Can you make any sense of this?”

→  There’s a wide spread between the bid and asked prices for shares of OUR little Borealis.  So if someone submits even a tiny “market” order for 34 shares, the price will plunge to the bid (if the order was to sell) or jump to the ask (if the order was to buy).  None of this matters.  If WheelTug eventually gets FAA approval and takes off, as they continue to inch forward toward doing, BOREF shares likely will, too.  Only for money you can truly afford to lose.  (And use “limit” orders.)

And now . . .

NICK KRISTOF: “Rev. Rick Joyner, the prominent evangelical preacher, is known for calling on Christians to arm themselves in preparation for a civil war against liberals. Here’s the awkward part: His five children would be on the other side of that war. . . .  I talked to all five and to their dad for my Sunday column, which explores the struggles of this family that is in some ways a microcosm of a polarized America. I think it may offer some guidance for the rest of us. You can read it here.”

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