Did you watch the President’s first news conference?

Treat yourself.

Both the tone and the substance gave me such hope.

Calm, dignified, normal, thoughtful, earnest, honest, determined . . .

Imagine: putting millions to work at good jobs revitalizing the nation’s infrastructure.

Imagine: increased investment in science to keep us competitive and improve/extend our lives.

Imagine: a broad voter protection bill (HR1) that curbs gerrymandering — thus giving moderates a shot at being elected, compromise a shot at being reached.

Imagine: common-sense gun-safety measures 90% of the public want to see.

And did you know the President’s first call with President Xi lasted two hours?

Here is libertarian-conservative George Will on Biden’s Reaganesque/Trumanesque foreign policy.

Our friends on the other side of the aisle want the nation to focus mainly on the thousands of young people seeking asylum, hoping to work hard and make something of themselves as the Irish, starving from a potato famine, and the Cubans, fleeing communism, and the Jews, fleeing fascism, and so many others have.

They downplay the 600,000 we will have lost to COVID (“it is what it is,” proclaimed their leader) while stoking fear of this smaller number coming with energy and dreams as so many of our ancestors did.

Not to say we should have open borders — we can’t and we don’t.  But asylum?  That’s not a new — or a bad — idea.  If anything, for both moral and economic reasons, we should welcome it.

Have a great weekend!



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