OCTOPUS LOVE: I plugged My Octopus Teacher last month on the strength of the trailer alone. (See: Octopi On Ecstasy; Arachnids On Acid.)

Now I’ve watched the film.  More beautiful than any aquarium.  Truly remarkable.

PENGUIN LOVE: And if you think man-octopus love is odd, take 3 minutes to watch this penguin.   (Thanks, David!)

Join PETA?

GLDD:  I’ve been writing about it since 2006, often under the heading, “silt accumulates.” If you still own some, this analysis suggests it could make sense to keep it for the long haul (to which I would add: especially if you’d otherwise have a hefty tax to pay on your gain).   

PRKR:  The company yesterday announced the delay of its trial, but also the private placement of $3.6 million in new shares.

SIGNALING FOR HELP:  By now, everyone knows to shout “call 911! call 911!”  What if everyone came to know this silent hand signal as well?  All you’d have to do when there was a gunman behind the door when the pizza arrived was flash the sign and hope the delivery guy knew the sign and had the presence of mind to play it cool, waiting until he was out of earshot to dial 911 for you.



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