Two minutes.  (Thanks, Mel!)

And then He split an infinitive.  Or maybe not, but being God, surely could have.  And now we can, too!  It’s okay, says the Economist.  (Thanks, Brian!)  I’m glad.  It was a concept – like “never end a sentence with a preposition” — to which I could never get used.

Here’s a three-minute quiz designed to promote New Power, the book I plugged Tuesday.  The quiz is interesting on three fronts.  First, as an engaging marketing tool that might give you ideas for a marketing tool of your own.  Second, as a quick way to get a sense of how different “old power” is from new, and what this widely-praised book is driving at.  Third, to give you a sense of where you stand on its grid.  (I’m roughly equidistant from Theresa May, Travis Kalanick, and Pope Francis.)  It requires no email or credit card data to get your results.

Finally, because you’ve likely heard so much about the President on Fox yesterday morning, here’s the full half hour.  They finally had to cut him off.  (Lawrence O’Donnell’s theory is that Rupert Murdoch grew increasingly alarmed for Trump as he watched, finally calling the control room to order him shut down.)  Let’s hope Trump makes a lasting peace for the people of the Korean peninsula, with full denuclearization.  A major achievement, if it happens, like Nixon opening up China or Nixon founding the Environmental Protection Agency or Nixon launching the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Compared to Trump, Nixon was magnificently competent, thoughtful, moral, honest, and dignified.  And I need hardly tell you that Nixon was in a  number of ways unforgivably awful.



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