Carl G.:  “There is one thing I never see you write about is why Evangelicals support Trump so much.  I think the reason is that their leaders worship the same thing… money.  This is most obviously demonstrated in what is known as the ‘prosperity bible’ which seems to ignore what Jesus said about greed, the rich, and helping the poor.  The LITERAL bible says nothing about abortion — preachers selectively edit it to claim that it does — yet Jesus is very clear what he thinks in Mark 10:17-31 which Evangelicals love to ignore or find excuses for.

“Evangelical leaders have become multi-millionaires by conning the elderly and ignorant to give them money to spread the word that instead gets funneled into multiple mansions, private planes, and exorbitant luxury.  These leaders also become narcissists with the worship of their crowds who believe they have an exclusive hotline to God.  They also know that to appeal to their ‘believers’ they must convince them they’re better than people who look different, have different sexual orientations or different beliefs so as to also ignore Mark 12:31 (Love thy neighbor) and Matthew 7:1-3 (Judge not). In other words, our Evangelical leaders see a soulmate in our President.

“Conservative Cal Thomas has a great article asking whom Evangelicals really serve.”

This may well paint all Evangelical leaders with too broad a brush; but it’s hard for me to imagine that Jesus, were he back with us today, would oppose closing the gun-show loophole, the carried interest-loophole, or expanding Medicaid to all 50 states.



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