So there are three things every high school senior should get in June: a diploma, my book, and a voter registration card.

To which end, Jason Kander’s Let America Vote — in partnership with Rock The Vote — has launched CAP, GOWN, VOTE!  High schools compete to see who can register the most new voters.

If you know any high school juniors or seniors, send them that link.

Cap, Gown, Vote! is in its very first days; but, with dozens of mayors signing on to promote it, should grow fast.

  • In many states, you don’t have to be 18 to register — you can pre-register.
  • Even if you’re 15 or 16 and too young to register yourself, you’re not too young to help your high school register others
  • Not a bad thing for a junior to be able to add to her college application — “was an active CGV! participant, registered 31 new voters”
  • This could be the year, thanks to the Parkland tragedy and social media, it finally becomes cool for young people to vote.

High school seniors will feel the impact of the election results 10 times as long as the treasured 85-year-olds who never fail to vote.

Indeed, maybe we should give folks under 30 three  votes, folks 30-59 two, and just one to everybody else.

But failing that, how about young people at least use their precious right to help shape their world?  Clearly, we old folks have not been doing a perfect job on that score.



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