You’re probably not going to this week’s Cowen 35th Annual Aerospace/Defense & Transportation Conference in New York, but here‘s the agenda and list of presenters.  WheelTug‘s CEO is presenting from 9-9:40 this morning; Boeing’s CEO, from 1:20-2 this afternoon.  (I hope snow doesn’t screw it all up.)  Here are the slides WheelTug plans to show.  Of course, it will work better with an accompanying narrative, but you can get a pretty good idea of it.

One point of comparison you’ll see are Winglets — those curvy tips at the ends of most airplane wings that didn’t used to be there until a couple of decades ago.  Now they’re on most planes because they cut fuel consumption by an estimated 4%, or $190/flight.  Just as TV’s no longer come without remote controls, most jets no longer come without winglets — why would you not want to save precious fuel?

WheelTug’s graph showing the savings it proposes to split 50/50 with the airlines leaves that $190/flight in the dust.  I won’t ruin the suspense by telling you just how high its graph climbs, but even at $800/flight, for a plane that averages 5 flights a day, you’re talking $4,000 a day, which is well over $1 million a year.  In my back of the envelope calculations, I’ve been assuming WheelTug might bring $50,000 of that to its bottom line each year. Times thousands of airplanes.   Fill in your own assumptions here.

Back to more important things tomorrow.



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