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BOREF.  Here’s the latest . . . including a 3-minute video.  As always: only with money you can truly afford to lose.  But with BOREF valued at less than $40 million, and the potential eventual value to airlines and airports in the billions each year, I am hoping one day to see our patience rewarded.

Speaking of which . . .

PRKR.  If, like me, you bought vast quantities of this stock over the past 16 months at a dime and at 35 cents, with money you could truly afford to lose, I see no reason to buy still more at today’s much higher prices.

But I did anyway — a little yesterday at $1.16, which turned out to be the low of the day — thinking that, as soul-crushing as the delays in their big Jacksonville, Florida, QualComm case are — which presumably had something to do with knocking the stock back from last month’s $1.91 high — the trial is likely to happen eventually . . . at which point it’s not crazy to think the market may again bid the price up to $1.91 as it awaits the verdict.  On the $1.16 I paid yesterday, that would be a 64% profit in what could be less than a year.

I might well then take something off the table, if not before, because of course the jury might find in favor of QualComm.

But I’d hold most of it, because there’s also what seems to me a reasonable chance of a ten-figure award that could send the stock a good deal higher.

And in the meantime, there’s the not-insignificant case against Intel that’s teed up for trial in Texas near the end of the year.



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