Turns out there definitely were dead people voting in Pennsylvania.


As reported here, one was for Trump.

The other was in heavily-Trump Luzerne County, so may well have been cast for Trump also (the article doesn’t say).

The third known instance of Pennsylvania voter fraud — out of 8 million votes cast — involved a registered Republican who voted once himself, then returned with sunglasses attempting to vote as his son.

The truth, of course, is that voter fraud is rare — and more likely to be committed by Trump zealots than Biden zealots.

Because (you’re way ahead of me) there are no Biden zealots.

But isn’t that a good thing?  Demagoguery enflames, divides, corrupts, and destroys.

Decency, dignity, empathy, and competence offer promise of brighter days ahead.

Speaking of which:  THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER!  Things are looking up!

Trump supporters speak out.  One minute.

Giant Japanese xylophone.  Two minutes.  Wonderful.  (Thanks, Steve.)

I hope you had a great Christmas.  Have you ever heard the silent monks sing Hallelujah?

I’m 12 years late with this, so I figure what’s another couple of days?

I especially love when they get to LORD OF LORDS.  (Thanks, Ed!)

Is it too early to wish a wonderfully Happy New Year?



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