#1 Peace of mind:

Put a bow around this and send to any friends or relatives bedeviled by lingering doubts.

The election was not rigged.

Life is stressful enough these days without that nagging concern.

Five minutes with the lifelong Republican Trump recruited from Microsoft.


#2 A sharper mind:

I plug BrainHQ all the time — you know I own a little sliver of it — but quarterback Tom Brady swears it makes him sharper, and peer-reviewed studies show dramatic results in reducing the onset of dementia, and auto insurers have found its users have fewer, less serious accidents because their reflexes are sharper — and other benefits have been documented as well (tinnitus, PTSD) — so, instead of socks or a scarf, why not put a bow around this and send it to everyone you love?

Spend $9 to buy them a 3-month subscription (discounted by $30 if you click here).

“Send through email at the time or your choosing. Gift term begins when activated by recipient and does NOT automatically renew.”

Can you imagine how much better your life will be if, by their spending a few minutes a week doing computer exercises, a loved one you would otherwise have had to care for avoided dementia?

You have $9 — I know you do!   Take a few minutes to explore the science.

#3 A wandering mind:

Drive around Amsterdam or Seattle, Beijing or Rome, Yekaterinaberg or Buenos Aires, Dublin or Delhi — and more than a dozen others — setting the speed of your car, hearing the street noise, even changing the radio station.

OK, it has its limitations.

It’s not one-millionth as good a gift as #2 above.

But it’s free and safe, with a zero carbon footprint.

Accompany it with the promise of 35,000 frequent flier miles at such time as actual travel becomes possible again?

Merry Christmas, dear reader!

Don’t you tell me Santa isn’t real.



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