But first . . .

Even the Trump-supporting New York Post thinks this is insane.

And now . . .

One way to make money, maybe, is to take fliers on some of the stocks I mention here from time to time.

(Part of my theory: it’s fun.  And if you use the losers to lower your taxable income and your winners-held-more-than-a-year to fund charitable giving you would otherwise have done with cash — perhaps through a Gift Fund account at Fidelity or Schwab as described here — then, even if you only break even, you’ll still come out ahead after tax.)

David M.: “Could you publish an end-of-the-year update on your various stock recommendations?  I bought these in the last year or so: BOREF, for which I paid about $9; ANIX, $3; BKUTK, $400; CNF, $5; CNXM, $10; CTHR, 75 cents; PRKR, 12 cents; SPRT, $2 (which became $1 when they distributed $1/share at the end of last year).”

→ So long as this is all money you can truly afford to lose, I’d just hang on.

They are all very different, of course, except in this respect: all will require lots of continued patience — if they work out at all.  The only one for which something might happen fast is PRKR.  Favorable rulings over the next several months could multiply last night’s 39-cent closing price nicely.  Unfavorable rulings, on the other hand . . . well, you get the idea.

Or you could start your own religion, as John Oliver once did (and Trump basically has), and make a ton of money that way.



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