Do you know Hillbilly Elegy or Nomadland?  Heartrending personal stories of the nittiest, grittiest, most granular kind.  The hopelessness of people falling out of the middle class into despair.  The War On Normal People is all that — but from 30,000 feet, with SOLUTIONS.  You’ll want to kill yourself as you read the first two thirds (how’s that for a blurb?) . . . but then take enormous heart as you read the solutions.  Which is why this could well be the most important book you read, or listen to, all year.

Free, if you haven’t listened to an Audible book before.  (I “read” it at 1.5X speed in under 5 hours.)

Basically, as I’ve written before, this is mankind’s challenge.  We have the technology and resources for everyone on the planet to be decently fed, sheltered, clothed, entertained, and cared for.  But can we learn to live with each other in ways that allow everyone to share in that good fortune?

So much is possible if we get it right.

The future is bleak beyond words if we don’t.

Read this book.

*Or else.

BONUS: If the US has someone whom historians will look back on as the gravedigger of American democracy, it is Mitch McConnell.(Thanks, Paul!)




You don’t even need to know who the candidates are — just vote!



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