It sounds wrong . . . but as this essay makes clear, you just need to have a general sense of which side you’re on.  Or closest to.

Are you more with Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama and Mike Bloomberg and Ellen and Hillary and Beto and Bernie and the Pope?  Or with Mitch McConnell and Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin and David Duke and Paul Manafort and Ted Cruz and the NRA and the Duck Dynasty guy and the climate deniers?

Speaking of the climate — did you notice that our species has barely a dozen years to mitigate catastrophe?

Are you on the team that’s amused Trump defrauded the government — i.e., his fellow taxpayers — out of half a billion dollars?  And think it’s okay that he lies all the time, with nary a peep from the Republicans in Congress?

Or the team that’s generally appalled by lying, cheating, bullying, and fondness for murderous dictators?

To me, obviously, the choice is clear.  As it is — confoundingly, I’ll admit — to many who disagree with me, not all of whom carry torches.

But my point is that most people have a sense which side they’re on.  And that those on mine — even if they can’t name their two Senators, let alone their state senators — should go out and vote Democrat and get all their friends to do likewise.

It’s not complicated; yet everything depends on it.




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