So much to do!

Indeed, I’m posting this a day early to give you extra time to do it:

Give these amazing women 78 seconds of your time.  Democrats have so many amazing young candidates!  We’re gonna win!

Watch this 4-minute Disney short.  Not what you’d expect, but spot on.  Share it!

Throw a postcard party — or throw one all by yourself, just you, as you listen to Hamilton.  Either way, don’t throw away your shot!

1. Start by texting HELLO to Abby the Address Bot at 484-275-2229. You’ll need to get verified to show you’re real and know how to write a postcard legibly.

2. Once approved, organize a bunch of friends to spend a few hours writing postcards. You get clear instructions along with what you should include on the postcards.

3. In addition to food/drinks, buy pens, stamps, and postcards — which are relatively cheap. My friend Chris Maggiano recommends this vendor (100 for $11.49) “because they’re made in the US by ‘a feminist and ReSister.'”

4. Once you’re done, follow the instructions on sending them out.

Watch this amazing Rachel Maddow clip when your postcard-writing energy flags.  It’s about the egregious ways Georgia’s secretary of state has managed to keep people of color from voting — and will rev you right back up.  It reminds us yet again that, while most Republicans aren’t racists — obviously — all racists are Republicans.  Then, when your energy flags again, watch this one, out of Texas. Black college kids indicted for voting; a white guy arrested once “the authorities” found out he was a Democrat.  And then, if you have any blank postcards left, read how Jared Kushner “likely paid no taxes” as his net worth nearly quintuped to $324 million.

FEEDBACK:  In response to my Minority Rules post, mentioning that 5 of the 9 Justices are Catholic, several of you noted — rightly — that a third of the Supreme Court Justices are Jewish, even further out of proportion to their percentage of the population.  I’d point out that one-third does not a majority make. And that the Catholic Church seems to want impose government restrictions on non-Catholics’ behavior.  I’m not sure there are equivalent efforts from the chief rabbi (whoever she is — do we have one?).  But I totally don’t want to make too much of this, let alone suggest religious quotas or tests on the Court. Hurrah for Jews, Jesuits, and everybody else! Thanks for your feedback.



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