Today is the last day of Pride.

Not everyone’s on board —

(Trump misses Pride Month for third time.  He did not, however, skip proclaiming June “National Homeownership Month” and “Great Outdoors Month.”)

— but so many are.

Including most of corporate America, from GM and Google to Microsoft and Dow.

Companies large — “through this effort, Apple and Nike are proud to support LGBTQ organizations” — and relatively small, like Audible, whose CEO, Don Katz, issued this statement:

. . . Because the stories of trans and non-binary voices deserve to be heard more widely, we will amplify the titles that can be found at Audible in collections like “The Best Trans and Non-binary Listens by Queer Authors” and “Trans Stories” and spotlight our interviews with creators like Jazz JenningsAnnalee Newitz and Nico Tortorella. Our commitment to trans representation extends internationally, with trans-positive content such as Azaad Awaaz, a series created for our free Audible Suno service in India featuring stories like that of India’s first transman pilot and an activist empowering transmen in rural India . . .

. . . Now is a time to draw together to celebrate the glories of the human spectrum and to protect inherent civil rights for all.

Onward to a better world.


I marvel at the progress we’ve made.

That there would even be a Pride Month was inconceivable when I was growing up.

But, as I say, not everyone’s on board.  Tonight at ten (7pm PT), HBO premieres Welcome To Chechnya — the story of real human beings tortured and sometimes killed with Vladimir Putin’s approval.

(Because of the risk to the real human beings in the film, a new technology was developed to replace their Chechen faces with American “donor” faces.  See if you can tell.)

Even if you can’t find the time to watch, this review in Forbes will bring you up to speed.


The German shepherd and the ferret.

Three minutes.

If they can get along, why can’t we?

“Love is love.”



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