Paul Abrams offers “the two big stories of the day”:

🔵 ON THE LEFT: Trump learned the Russians were putting a bounty on U.S. soldiers’ heads . . . did nothing for two months . . . then rewarded Putin by trying to include him in a new G8.

🔴 ON THE RIGHT: Biden said “millions” when he meant “thousands”— and then immediately corrected himself.

Of course, Trump denies the Russia story.  Watch.

Four ways William Barr is already subverting the 2020 elections — “Safeguarding the vote would be the top priority of a normal attorney general. It’s the opposite now.”

This brief, inspiring history of the Southern District makes Barr’s toadyism all the more shameful.

But — says the happy gene — this too shall pass.  In 127 days, Americans in record numbers will vote for honesty, decency, and competence.



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