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Remote School Is a Nightmare. Few in Power Care.

Schools must reopen for the health of children.

Bolded in the executive summary of Risk Reduction Strategies for Reopening Schools. a 62-page report from Harvard:

Scientific evidence indicates that risks to students and staff can be kept low if schools adhere to strict control measures and dynamically respond to potential outbreaks.

But really?

Scientific evidence from all over the world indicates that risks to students are already very low.  It’s the risk to staff and parents we need to be concerned with — though scientific evidence is also beginning to show that school children are not major vectors of infection.

If true, this is obviously really good news — we’re due some! — and deserves a lot of attention from anyone who loves kids.

As noted last week, from Wired:  It’s Ridiculous to Treat Schools Like Covid Hot Zones.  Anyone unsure whether it’s safe for their kids to go to back to school should read this for reassurance.

(And this in Mother Jones? “Yet Another Study Says School Closures Have No Impact on COVID-19.”  Or this in The Guardian? “Schools Reopening Has Not Triggered Rise in Covid-19 Cases, EU ministers Told.”  Or this in The Hill?  “Science Says: Open The Schools.”)

If new data continues to confirm this good news, we should find the courage to accept it.



Here are his recent remarks in Wilmington, along with press questions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone experienced, thoughtful, and decent leading the country?



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