“Since you enjoy, may I suggest The Onion, It is also a parody news site, but adds editorials, reactions from ‘the man on the street,’ and may be a little funnier. It is ‘R’ rated for language at times, but seems to be an equal opportunity basher, no one (or party) is safe from their satire. Has a bit of advertising clutter, but the price is right – free.” – Chuck McDannald

AOL 4.0 — Much Better

I know you will think I’m a feeb for using AOL — me and 13 million other technologically challenged souls. Yes, it’s cheaper and faster to use any of a myriad of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), but … well, it’s a long story. So, while I certainly would not suggest you switch from a cheaper, faster service to AOL, I did want to let you know that AOL 4.0 finally gets it right — or sufficiently right that I’m happy using it a lot more than I used to. In case you’re an AOL user who hasn’t bothered to upgrade (which you can do online — get it started before you go to bed, then wake up and finish), do it. It’s much better than the old AOL, both for e-mail (finally, a fairly decent address book function) and for the Web.

YadayadayadaDAAA, YadayadayadaDUHHHH

From Dr. Steven Rubin: “It’s clear from today’s column that you’re not a New Age music fan. The music you’re referring to is a track called ‘Adiemus’ from a CD called ‘Pure Moods’ (Virgin Records); not only are the rest of the cuts not nearly as irritating, but I look for that CD for ‘relaxation music.’”

Does Anyone Remember MYM?

“I would like to get an updated version of Managing Your Money for Windows 95. I have been using version #11 on DOS. I once tried the Windows and it really screwed up my whole program. Things I didn’t even have were listed. Please e-mail some info!!!!” – Bev Wertheimer

A.T.: MECA is out of the retail software business, and I am five years out of MECA. (When the company was bought out, one condition — sadly — was that my contract be bought out, too. Mope, mope.) I happily use the DOS version 12 of MYM which, like version 11, is far superior (in my mind) to the Windows version. I plan to keep using it (with lots of backups, etc.) until Bill Gates does something that makes me finally switch to Quicken. But MYM DOS runs fine under Windows 95.

I do print out all my data each year, alphabetically and by date and by budget category, and might do it more frequently if I ever felt my data were threatened.

If I ever do switch to Quicken or something, I imagine I’d do it January 1 of some year and keep all the old stuff on a DOS-compliant computer. Surely there will be some of those for a long time.

Note to non-MYM users: As good as MYM DOS is, you would be nuts to switch to it (and it’s not available, in any event).



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