Erich (who deserves his last name attached, but did not include it) writes: “Regarding Internet investing scams, how about the SEC requiring web sites which give out investment advice to display a link that people could click that would give them information on avoiding investment fraud? It could be a link which would take people to a site at the SEC. The link could contain a list of frequently asked questions, a description of some of the more popular investment frauds and so on. It would not be very intrusive, yet it would provide an easy way to tell if a site is in compliance, because sites which did not display the link could be automatically deemed to be out of compliance. People might easily ignore such a link, but it is one of the more efficient, free-market and easily enforced ways I can think of to consistently remind investors to check the validity of investment advice.”

A.T.: If you like this idea – I do – why not print this out and mail it to:

Office of Investor Education
450 Fifth St., NW
Washington, DC 20549

Or forward it to

If they’re looking for investment writers who would be happy to help assure that the link they develop is investor-friendly, I know some who’d be happy to do it free of charge.



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