I had thought to beg you to vote for Gore as a favor to me. Well, of course, you have that plea.

But really, all I want people to do is vote their considered self-interest. Forget the rest. Under the stewardship of which man will your personal economy be best off? I think the Clinton/Gore approach worked better than the Reagan/Bush approach. And I like that the air and water really are cleaner most places (not Houston) and that under Clinton/Gore, everyone has been included.

Sure ‘it’s our money, not the government’s.’ But it’s also our debt, and we ought to have a moderate taxcut aimed at the middle, not a huge one tilted to the top 1%, so we can keep paying it off.

My sincere thanks to those of you who generally disagree with me for having put up with all these columns. If we keep listening to each other, we’ll bumble through . . . no matter who wins.


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